Doctor in the House

The story follows the fortunes of Simon Sparrow, starting as a new medical student at the fictional St Swithin’s Hospital in London. His five years of student life, involving drinking, dating women, and falling foul of the rigid hospital authorities, provide many humorous incidents. When he has to leave his first choice of lodgings to get away from his landlady’s amorous daughter, he ends up with three amiable but less-than-shining fellow students as flatmates: Richard Grimsdyke. a relative had left him a small but adequate annuity while he remains in medical school, so he sees to it that he flunks each year. Tony Benskin , an inveterate woman chaser. Taffy Evans, a rugby fanatic. Towering over them all is the short-tempered, demanding chief surgeon, Sir Lancelot Spratt who strikes terror into everyone.

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