Secret of Stamboul, a.k.a. The Spy in White, (1936 British thriller film)

It is taken from the novel The Eunuch of Stamboul by Dennis Wheatley, directed by Andrew Marton and starring Valerie Hobson, James Mason and Frank Vosper. It was made at Shepperton Studios.
A British agent (Mason) travels to Istanbul (Stamboul) to try to thwart a revolution.
Valerie Hobson as Tania
Frank Vosper as Kazdim
James Mason as Larry
Kay Walsh as Diana
Peter Haddon as Peter
Laura Cowie as Baroness
Cecil Ramage as Prince Ali
Robert English as Sir George
Emilio Cargher as Renouf
Leonard Sachs as Arif
Andreas Malandrinos as Moltov

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