SHE DEVIL- Mari Blanchard, Jack Kelly, Albert Dekker

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Doctor Dan Scott (Jack Kelly) invents a serum that cures illness and Kyra Zlus (Mari Blanchard), dying of tuberculosis, agrees to be a guinea pig. She becomes well and strong, but develops strange characteristics and a scheming personality. She kills Evelyn Kendall (Fay Baker) in order to marry her wealthy husband, Barton Kendall (John Archer) and later kills him to inherit his wealth. Dr. Scott and his associate, Dr. Richard Bach (Albert Dekker) decide that something drastic must be done and they trick her into having an operation.

Complete Cast and Crew Starring, Mari Blanchard, Jack Kelly, Albert Dekker, John Archer, Fay Baker, Marie Blake, Paul Cavanagh, George Baxter, Helen Jay, Joan Bradshaw, X Brands, Tod Griffin, Franklyn Farnum, Bess Flowers, and William Haade. Produced and Directed by Kurt Kurt Neumann. Released April 24, 1957.

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