A Town Called Hell | Telly Savalas, Robert Shaw, Stella Stevens

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Full Western Movie: A Town Called Hell – A group of Mexican revolutionaries murders a town priest and a number of his christian followers. Ten years later, a widow arrives in town intent to take revenge from her husband’s killers. A Town Called Hell (1971) Directors: Robert Parrish, Irving Lerner Writers: Richard Aubrey (screenplay), Richard Aubrey (story)

Stars: Telly Savalas, Robert Shaw, Stella Stevens Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama Runtime: 1h 37min Country: UK | Spain Language: English Also Known As: A Town Called Bastard (original title) Storyline: In 1895, in a small town ravaged by the Mexican Revolution, the revolutionary leader Aguila and his men massacre the town’s locals and the military garrison soldiers.Ten years later Aguila,now a reformed priest, sees a newly-arrived woman who is looking for those responsible for murdering her husband. The town is run by the corrupt Don Carlos who promises to help Alvira find those who killed her husband,in return for the gold reward Alvira is offering. Don Carlos has no idea where Aguila is or what Aguila looks like but he’s prepared to do anything in order to collect the gold reward offered by Alvira. Everything is complicated by the sudden arrival of the Mexican Army led by a brutal Colonel whose face looks very familiar to the town priest. Reviews: “A Town Called Hell” is a wonderful western that takes place in Mexico, circa 1905. Telly Savalas plays a memorable role as a villain looking for a mysterious man named “Augila”. There is some good footage of hanging people. Telly Savalas’s death scene is hilarious as it is brilliant. Martin Landau plays a jewish/mexican colonel who gets to wear a funny-looking brown mexican uniform, but no beanie. Robert Shaw, known for his classic performance as Quint in “Jaws”, plays a priest…. or is he? Stella Stevens, a has-been, plays a blond prostitute. There are some good action scenes and Johnny Horton’s “The Battle Of New Orleans” can be heard in the soundtrack in a flashback scene at a mexican dance party. A man hiding underneath a deck tries to obtain a fallen coin above with a stick. A satired attack on a church opens up the film. Everything in it is fabulous. This is a hard to find film, along with 2 other mexican western classics, “Blood and Guns” and “Villa Rides”. See it, you’ll laugh yourself silly. written by MovieMan-112

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