Hitler’s Search For The Holy Grail | The Nazi Temple Of Doom

What links a mysterious golden pot discovered in a Bavarian lake, a castle designed like a particle accelerator, Hitler’s Quest for the Sword of Destiny, and a fatally doomed hunt for the Holy Grail? This is the true story of The Nazi’s Temple of Doom. Although disappointed by the discovery that a Celtic Cauldron was in fact manufactured in the 20th Century, it soon became apparent that this mysterious item could tell us more about the intricacies of Nazi plans for Germany than has ever been explored before. The Nazi Temple Of Doom follows the journey of how one item, found in Chiemsee Lake in Germany, revealed dark secrets about a group that were already known for their interest in Ancient Mythology and the Occult: the Nazis. Using the Nazi-made Celtic cauldron as a starting point, experts piece together the fascinating depths to which the Nazi ideology reached and explore their goals and expectations. It was long the objective of Heinrich Himmler, one of the highest members of the Third Reich and Head of the SS, to create a racially pure society in which a glorious German history was celebrated. In 1934, Himmler chose Wewelsburg Castle and its dark past as the SS base, and the beginnings of a Nazi cult, based on pre-Christian Germany, as he believed Christianity had no place in the ideology ofthe SS. This documentary special tells the tale of how Himmler drafted in experts to research and re-write a mythological, glorious German history and to build a Nazi-Vatican. The cauldron played an integral part in furthering Himmler’s cult and proving what he believed were Germany’s true Celtic origins. Using library footage, interviews and a gripping storyline, The Nazi Temple Of Doom reveals previously unexplored territory in the Nazi regime.

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