Laura – 1955

The TV film “Laura” from 1955 was directed by the distinguished German-born Hollywood director John Brahm. Like so many directors in Hollywood, he started his career in Germany but left for the USA well before the Second World War. He is most famous for a handful of films he made during the forties, in particular for “The Lodger” (1944), “Hangover Square” (1945) and “The Locket” (1946). However, during the fifties, in common with so many of the émigré directors who failed to reach the same stellar status as Preminger, Curtiz and Wilder, he turned to directing for television and disappeared from the horizon producing endless productions in various TV series. Brahm is supposed to have ended up directing 150–200 television films. One of these is “Laura”, which was part of a 20th Century Fox Television drama series. The film is also known by the title “A Portrait of Murder”, perhaps to avoid confusion with the famous Preminger version of “Laura” (1944), or for unknown copyright reasons. It is stated as being a 60 min production, but obviously there were plenty of advertisements, as the complete advertisement-free version

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