Double Confession-1950-Derek Farr, Peter Lorre, William Hartnell, Joan Hopkins, Kathleen Harrison

Double Confession is a 1950 British crime film directed by Ken Annakin.
Double Confession is missing from the BFI National Archive, and is included on the British Film Institute’s list of “75 Most Wanted”. A complete 35mm print does exist in an independent archive in the UK. In February 2013, a restored edition was released on DVD however, this DVD is no longer available. This is very rare.
Arriving late at night in the seaside town of Seagate, Jim Medway (Derek Farr) heads for his estranged wife’s isolated coastal cottage. As he arrives, he sees local businessman Charlie Durham (William Hartnell) coming out of the house, in which he then finds his wife dead. With the awareness that his wife had been having an affair with Durham, Medway embarks on attempts to blackmail the rich entrepreneur or get him arrested for murdering his wife. However, Durham’s sinister homicidal sidekick Paynter (Peter Lorre) is out to protect his boss by arranging a little “accident” for Medway. As Inspector Tenby (Naunton Wayne) slowly gathers clues to solve the mystery, he begins to suspect there is a less obvious culprit.

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