The Bride in Black – Susan Lucci, 1990

This made-for-TV movie saw Susan taking a break from her daytime gig of “All My Children,” which, at the time of this movie production, she was into her 20th year on that TV drama, with venturing into primetime TV.
In this movie, Susan plays the part of an un-glamorous shopkeeper that falls heavily in love with a man, played by David Soul; which led to marriage, where, tragically, the groom was murdered leaving the church’s wedding service. The now widowed bride seeks out those responsible for the murder; but, in her investigation, discovers aspects about her groom that she was previously clueless about.
Given that this network TV movie is 30 years old, the commercial spots were retained as a sort of video “time-capsule” for your amusement.
Supporting cast:
David Soul
Reginald VelJohnson
Robert Gunton
Tom Signorelli
Melissa Leo
Irma St. Paule
Stephen Liska
Cecil Hoffmann
Robert Katims
Tony Todd
Finola Hughes
Music by Joe Conlan
Produced by Brooke Kennedy
Teleplay by Claire Labine
Story by Claire Labine & Jack Laird
Directed by James Goldstone
Executive Producer: Barry Weitz

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