Sherlock Holmes TV series 11 to 20 in color

11 “The Red-Headed League” Sheldon Reynolds Lou Morheim 27 December 1954
The story is a simplified version of “The Red-Headed League”, but Wilson is a shop-owner rather than a pawnbroker.
12 “The Case of the Shoeless Engineer” Steve Previn Harold Jack Bloom 3 January 1955
The story follows that of “The Adventure of the Engineer’s Thumb,” but Hatherley loses a shoe rather than his thumb and escapes with the aid of the woman, Ruth Connors. Two co-conspirators are captured by Lestrade, with the assistance of Holmes.
13 “The Case of the Split Ticket” Steve Previn Lou Morheim 10 January 1955
A man asks Holmes to help him find his friend, Mr. Snow, to get the last piece of a sweepstake ticket. Mr. Snow is apparently killed, but Holmes uncovers a fraud.
14 “The Case of the French Interpreter” Steve Previn Lou Morheim 17 January 1955
A simplified version of “The Adventure of the Greek Interpreter”, but the captive survives and Mycroft is not present.
15 “The Case of the Singing Violin” Steve Previn Kay Krausse 24 January 1955
Guy Durham, a rich tea and spice merchant, frightens his step-daughter Betty with ghostly violin music so that she can be declared insane and he can acquire her fortune. Holmes intervenes to prevent her murder and Lestrade arrests the perpetrator, who also murdered the girl’s fiancĂ©, James Winant.
16 “The Case of the Greystone Inscription” Steve Previn George Fass,
Gertrude Fass 31 January 1955
Ms. Millicent requests Holmes to find her fiancĂ©, missing from Greystone Castle. Holmes assists in finding the location of King Richard II’s possessions and gets a family to surrender.
17 “The Case of the Laughing Mummy” Sheldon Reynolds Charles Early 7 February 1955
Holmes and Watson visit a country manor to see an ancient Egyptian mummy that allegedly makes strange laughing sounds, but Holmes deduces that the sound comes from elsewhere. Holmes further identifies the supposed mummy as the body of a latter-day archaeologist.
18 “The Case of the Thistle Killer” Steve Previn Charles Early,
Joseph Early 14 February 1955
Lestrade is instructed to recruit Holmes to help find the Thistle Killer after the sixth murder. The police make preparations to catch the killer at Xerxes Park, where Holmes finds him in a surprising disguise.
19 “The Case of the Vanished Detective” Steve Previn Charles Early,
Joseph Early 21 February 1955
Dr. Watson is worried at the long, unexplained absence of Holmes, and he persuades Lestrade to help locate him. Holmes was in fact working undercover as a shopkeeper in order to catch Carson, an escaped convict. The trail leads to retired judge Jeremiah Westlake, who had originally sentenced Carson.
20 “The Case of the Careless Suffragette” Steve Previn Charles Early,
Joseph Early 28 February 1955
Holmes gets involved with a persistent suffragette, and an anarchist makes a bomb, which kills Pimpleton, a parliament official. Scotland Yard, guided by Holmes, finds the murderer.

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