Sherlock Holmes TV Episodes 31 to 39 – color

31 “The Case of the Exhumed Client” Steve Previn Charles Early,
Joseph Early 30 May 1955
Holmes goes to a manor to investigate the murder of Sir Charles, presumably at the hands of an heir. In a story also involving a legend of the tower room, Holmes avoids death and keeps the occupants in suspense, then divulges the actual killer.
32 “The Case of the Impromptu Performance” Steve Previn Lou Morheim 6 June 1955
Holmes investigates the murder of Mrs. Brighton to prove her husband’s innocence. With little time to lose, he and Dr. Watson quickly follow the trail to uncover the murderer.
33 “The Case of the Baker Street Bachelors” Steve Previn Roger E. Garris,
Joseph Victor 20 June 1955
A politician named Jeffrey asks Holmes to clear his name from a fight he didn’t take part in. Holmes and Dr. Watson go to the marriage bureau to bait a trap for their suspects, and reveals their blackmailing activities.
34 “The Case of the Royal Murder” Steve Previn Charles Early,
Joseph Early 27 June 1955
Holmes and Watson, guests at the hunting lodge of an unnamed Central European king, witness a murder. They are able to expose the culprit and avoid a war.
35 “The Case of the Haunted Gainsborough” Steve Previn Charles Early,
Joseph Early 4 July 1955
Mr. McGregor seeks Holmes’s help in solving a mystery of an apparent ghost.
36 “The Case of the Neurotic Detective” Steve Previn Lou Morheim 11 July 1955
Multiple thefts have occurred without a trace of the perpetrator, and Holmes is becoming eccentric, while Dr. Watson becomes suspicious of his activities.
37 “The Case of the Unlucky Gambler” Steve Previn Lou Morheim 18 July 1955
A boy, Robert, asks Holmes to find his missing father, who had turned to gambling. Holmes gets the attention of a man named Jack Driscoll and tracks down the father, Mr. Fenech.
38 “The Case of the Diamond Tooth” Sheldon Reynolds George Fass,
Gertrude Fass 19 September 1955
Lestrade investigates a murder — which, Holmes finds, has a link to a diamond tooth. Dr. Watson and Holmes search a shipping dock in disguise to meet the murderer, who had used a boa constrictor to kill Vagos.
39 “The Case of the Tyrant’s Daughter” Steve Previn Roger E. Garris 17 October 1955
Holmes thoroughly investigates the apparent murder of Hammingway in order to save the life of the accused, Mr. Vernon, the fiancé of his step-daughter.

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