China 1943

China (aka The Fourth Brother) is a 1943 film directed by John Farrow. It stars Loretta Young and Alan Ladd. David Jones, one of the main characters wearing a fedora, a brown jacket, and khakis, was an inspiration for Indiana Jones. Two Americans make their way through China during the beginning of the Japanese invasion. Without Morels they make money selling Fuel to the invading forces. As they head to their next business deal they encounter an orphaned child and a school teacher with her 20 female students. Will the plight of the people change the Men’s war hardened hearts, or are they only willing to follow the money? This film was meant to show the atrocities committed during the Invasion of China and to stir anti Japanese Sentiments among American audiences. The Tagline was “This film will make you fighting mad” and after watching it I was. Many people will be effected by this story. Hopefully this part of history is never forgotten.

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